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Video: La Gran Sabana in Venezuela - the oldest landscape in the world Venezuela is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and a very interesting place to visit. No problems with a 3 weeks holiday in Venezuela. We saw some of the most breathtaking scenery in South America - especially the La Gran Sabana. This video shows you the glory and beauty of the Gran Sabana. The Gran Sabana (La Gran Sabana) is a huge, empty region that lies within the limits of Canaima National Park.
Our tour company arrange trips to the top of Roraima
With rolling pastureland La Gran Sabana are broken by the unique and spectacular Tepuis. Tepuis are table mountains. More than 100 of these mountains is the plateau of the border with Venezuela in western, Guyana and Brazil in the east, but most of them are in the Gran Sabana. The most famous Tepuy, Roraima, spreads on the territory of Guyana and Brazil. Our tour company arrange trips to the top of Roraima, where you can experience a lost world of unique flora and fauna.
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The route of La Gran Sabana is full of surprises and natural treasures, after km 88 we enter the "Sierra de Lema" where green and long ferns, rivers and thick fog we were amazed at the way, then, the Gran Sabana It opens for us to enjoy and fill the soul of that at the sight. More and more waterfalls, wells, natural pools and a mountain with a view of La Gran Sabana that freaked us. Enjoy this adventure with everything in Venezuela ....
Parque Nacional Canaima..
Canaima National Park - the indigenous community located in north eastern part of Canaima National Park on the shores of the lake with the same name surrounded with spectacular waterfalls like El Sapito, Yuri and Hacha. Canaima is the capital of Canaima National Park, there are many famous places worldwide for its beauty and tourist importance. Just 20 minutes flight or 4 hours Curiara (Canoe) is the majestic Angel Falls, the highest in the world with 1000 meters of free fall.
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Angel Falls VIDEO: Angel Falls (Kerepakupai-meru) is the fall of the world's largest water fall with a drop of 1005 m. From the top of the Auyantepui to 2500 m. above sea level. In this region inhabited by Kamarata Indians. Foot Angel Falls is the native village of Uruyén. This fall is located in the Canaima National Park in Bolivar state. In 1933 an American pilot named Jimmie Angel (1899-1956) was in the area searching for gold and had to crash land his airplane at the top of Auyantepui.
Navegando en la laguna de Canaima..
Angel Falls A spectacular way to get to know in depth the Auyan tepui and get closer to the base of the Angel Falls, is sailing the rivers that are the only open roads in the jungle. One option - the most used by visitors is up the river from the Canaima Lagoon. The other two days the long (way) is from Kavac, a small Indian camp, which is accessed as in our case walking or flying from Canaima in a traditional excursions offered in the area ..
Cascadas y Aventura
Water Fslls Here you see beautiful waterfalls allover which also comes from the jasper stone. The stone goes far above the main waterfall. It is a pretty sight keep walking to find a second waterfall, larger than the previous one and more beautiful too. About 6 meters tall, but it is simply beautiful. It is worth a walk into the forest more falls are here in this strange place virgin and completely lonely falls
Nadando y mas..
Water Fslls Then we continued on our way. Life is precious, goes through the middle of the savanna and the bottom, you can see the great mass of Mount Roraima and other Tepuis of the Sierra Rinocote. Somewhere along the road we stopped at a lookout that showed us from far away a waterfall called Bridal Veil, a real beauty to which you want to explore Angel Falls.
4x4 en La Gran Sabana - The Lost World
Water Falls The vast savannah in 4x4, the travelers circuit, A 4 (four) days of adventure in the great plains Venezuelan territory, city or departure from Bolivar in Puerto Ordaz. Travel to the indigenous population of Liworiwo. We will visit Aponguao jump out to Santa Elena de Uairen stopping occasionally visiting places of interest like the Kavvi Fall, Kama Meru, and the mirador el oso..."
Water Falls Beautiful rivers. Yellow waters as gold minerals had, but completely clear. The river was a small waterfall that served as a shower where the water got hot in contrast to the bitter cold that was in the river. It has enough stones, so it was necessary to walk rather carefully because one can move and fall. Here I also decided to go down the river to see what was, and ps I found a slide type waterfall sliding down some low-rise slabs. The place - pretty good, but rather beautiful.
Los Rápidos de Kamoirán
Water Falls We will continue to Kamoirán Rapids for the sole reason that our car was running out of gasoline. There while the filling up the tank we arrived at more beautiful waterfalls falling a steep drop of 10 m. Below we will find excellent places for practice rafting. This is the best known in La Gran Sabana for this sport.
lightbox[images/stories/upload_slides/4x4.png] Travesia Offroad 4X4 La Gran Sabana
Water Falls In the vast Savannah you can enjoy the great adventure of a cruise Off Road 4x4, and photographic safari visiting the many viewpoints of Tepuyes which gives us a view of the oldest mountains in the world with an age of 2000 million years to form by water erosion and winds experts geologists are witnesses of the Precambrian.
lightbox[images/stories/upload_slides/climbing.png] Subiendo al Roraima
The Lost World Roraima Tepuy, The Lost World - one of the best expeditions in South America. Reach its summit is a very rewarding experience requirement and fun, you back the lost world of the Precambrian era, reaching its peak of 2810 meters above sea level and enjoy its exotic landscapes and viewpoints, it makes you feel a hero of your accomplishments, full of energy and adrenaline you feel like on another planet - is unforgettable...
lightbox[images/stories/upload_slides/cristal_valley_roraima.png] El Valle de Cristal
Water Fslls The Valley of Crystals. One of the most fascinating places Tepuy Roraima the valley of the crystals is very important here born from the Arobopo river, which makes the border with Venezuela and Brazil, division by water, in this place carnivorous plants and monoliths sandstones are seen leaving the witness of the Precambrian. It is simply spectacular.
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