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SUCRE Population 2000, 28,994 inhabitantssarisarinama1

Its tourist potential is linked to ecotourism, Agriculture and Deportivo. We recommend visiting, among other attractions: the rapids of Moitaco or Camurica, the Caura; Yokore Island, the Salto El Playon and order. In its territory the Sari-Sariñama National Park. This area is the largest producer of yam in the country. It also has the planting of wild Sarrapia tree, whose fruit of almond oil is extracted flavorings used fixative in perfumery.

Your Capital Maripa, founded in 1752, is a picturesque place located on the banks of the Caura River, over which a bridge is more than 300 mts., Which communicates with the Orinoco Caicara, Puerto Ayacucho in the Amazonas State and through of Cabruta, with the rest of the country.

Jaua-Sarisariñama National Park: It presents an interesting type training Amazonian jungle, three plateaus Javajidi, Sarisariñama and Guanacoco Jidi.

About the Sarisariñama, we find the steepest chasms (internal sublayer crust) collapse, formed in sandstone, the world. The largest has dimensions of 352 meters deep and 502 meters wide. Its fauna is unique: Marmosa tyleriana (marsupial endemic tepuyanas tops), Estefania riae (endemic amphibian Jaua Plateau), tapir (Tapirus terrestris), jaguar (Panthera onca).

Location: Southwest of Bolivar State, sector-Maigualida Jaua, Caura river sources, and Ventuari Erebato.

Simas major and minor potholes Sarisariñama

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