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SifontesSifontes Population 2000, of 50,325 inhabitants

Its tourist potential is linked to the Business Tourism, Agriculture and Ecology. We recommend visiting, among other attractions, tourist camps located in Las Claritas - Km 88, the Inns of El Dorado; Cuyuni River, Laguna "San Pedro Reservoir," the Balneario Los Naranjos, the Stone of the Virgin, and Salto El Danto.

Your Tumeremo Capital, founded in 1788, is characterized by farming, mining and logging. It is the gateway to the route Gran Sabana.

The story begins Sifontes municipality in 1788, with the creation of Tumeremo. Many years after its creation, the General Antonio Domingo Sifontes, realistic fighting to free Tumeremo the kingdom of Spain, to be released in the city of realists, Spanish survivors were imprisoned and sentenced to death, (in honor of this general is christening the town, but was shortened to Sifontes). From there, the city was a great location and barracks for soldiers patriots led by Simon Bolivar. After creating Tumeremo, many indigenous and other emergir origins began in the area. In 1894 a group of Englishmen who came to British Guiana try to take part of the current municipal area, whereupon the General Domingo Antonio Sifontes founded on March 2 of that year the population of El Dorado where he established a military post, to then expel the invaders from the area, since Sifontes became a local hero. The flag is tricolor Sfontes Township, its colors are yellow (top), green (middle), and blue (bottom), in the center of the flag is the municipality and three parishes in the parish capital yellow, green the parish capital El Dorado, and in blue the parish capital Las Claritas, and sides are dated Tumeremo creation and the date of creation of the flag in 2002, the school teacher Yesenia Vicente Marcano Guevara and painted first time by the painter Jesus Adrian Marquez. Bolivar Square, icon Tumeremo city and municipality, became official in 1923, to be created on the initiative of the population bolivarense. In 1993 in recognition of the defense of Venezuelan sovereignty by the General Sifontes whole country is baptized Sifontes District, before becoming the current Sifontes Municipality.

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