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cedeño worldCedeño Municipality has a population in 2010 of 98,000 inhabitants.

Its tourist potential is linked to ecotourism, Agriculture and Archaeology. We recommend visiting, among other attractions: the Petroglyphs of Punta Cedeño, the French and the Sun and Moon; Chaviripa Falls, and Spas The Castillero, Maniapure, Suapure and Sacuima. Is settlement of bauxite mines, diamond and gold. They live in this municipality several indigenous groups. Predominate tree plantations of wild and Moriche Coroba.

Its capital and s CAICARA ORINOCO, founded in the mid-eighteenth century, is important river port on the banks of the Orinoco River, livestock and commercial center of great importance in the region.

Petroglyphs: drawings on stone made ​​by Aborigines, calculated its age at the beginning of the year 600 BC, because of certain similarities between this area and some elements of the series called Saladoid. Some of the petroglyphs are: The French, the sun and moon, the donkey with skates.

The municipality has several natural and cultural monuments that attract many tourists, as well as its regional and local crafts, their main festivals are:

Our Lady of Light.

Carnival Caicara del Orinoco.

Coroba State Fair.

The agriculture and tourism and other materials are the largest economies in the municipality.

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