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The classic Tour via La Gran Sabana leaving from Puerto Ordaz - returning to Puerto Ordaz. It is an opportunity to go with the best guides and experience this 4x4 tour including sheets and Tepuys of the Gran Sabana.

Day 1: Departure from Puerto Ordaz Airport via Santa Elena de Uairen in 4x4 vehicle to the town of Callao, visiting the gold mines of Callao with partial visit to a mining gallery where we can appreciate the betas of auriferous quartz. Mirador del Puente del Dorado made by the famous French engineer Gustave Eiffel, then visit the site of the rainforest Jungle de La Escalera, reaching the plateau of the Gran Sabana at a height of 1400 meters of altitude above sea level, Pernota in the lodge of: Kamoiran Chivaton or (depending on availability) in the middle of the Gran Sabana ... With dinner and breakfast, lunch is eaten en route...

Day 2: Visit to the indigenous community of Liwo - Riwo, where you take the boat to go to Aponwao - Chinakmerú, a waterfall with 105 meters of altitude .... there we walk down 30 minutes to visit some quite and unreal interesting places, like the Well of Love where you can enjoy a refreshing swim ++ at ease. After lunch and once taken up the asphalt road we continues to the Salto Kawi where we overnight at the Inn.

Day 3: After breakfast we return to the road around 9:00 AM, to go to the Swallow Falls and five more water falls all very beautiful, and impressive for a swim or just enjoying the great view here like the Kama Meru falls of 65 meters hight another spectacular waterfall combined with a pilgrimage even more demanding and fascinating. Lunch at the indigenous community of San Francisco de Yuruani where you will see and can buy local produce and crafts area of indigenous people (Egnia Taurepanes) visit to the viewpoints of Roraima and Kukenan Tepuyes, besides having the best view Tepuy Roraima and Kukenán. Visit the Bridal Veil, a dramatic drop of water step is divided into two, hence its name. Visit Echo Valley or Veranda Jurassic Park, the name is because some of the famous movie scenes were filmed here...

Day 4: After breakfast we go to the northern part of the National Park La Gran Sabana, across various indigenous communities and viewpoints Tepuyes to get where is located the monument to the pioneer soldier, hero of the construction of trunk highway 10 (The first highway connecting Venezuela with Brazil. Return to Puerto Ordaz and the finish of the tour.

Tour types


Food & Drink




Tour activities & itinerary

This Tour Includes:

Ground Transportation 4 x 4 vehicles

First aid kits

Specialized guide for this expedition

All meals and beverages (excluding alcoholic beverages)

Lodging in camps with private bathroom

Not included:

Sleeping Bag (to be personal use)

Alcoholic Beverages

Cargo carriers for the staff (the passenger may retain one if desired)

Airfare or hotel in Puerto Ordaz

Breakfast on the first day and dinner the last day.

Check in times

Hora de Entrada y Salida: Según planificación del turista.

Driving directions

Salida desde Puerto Ordaz, vía Santa Elena de Uairén en el Estado Bolívar.


Aeropuerto internacional Simón Bolivar en Maiquetia, aeropuerto de Ciudad Bolívar.


It is recommend to bring for the excursion to the La Gran Sabana:
Camera (Preferably Water Proof).
Insect repellent (preferably in cream).
Cap or Hat.
Dark glasses or goggles.
Clothing Light (Short and Flannel).
Sandals or slip-resistant shoes.
Two (2) pairs of tennis shoes or boots resistant.
Jacket or sweater.
Small flashlight.
Personal medications.
Resistant Small Plastic Bag.

Policies & disclaimers

To reserve please make a payment of 100% of the total amount of the tour or accommodation in order to ensure your booking.
(We do not accept any type of payment the day of the tour for reasons of logistics). We do not refund money for change of itinerary, change of plans, and other personal inconveniences. If after you have made a total or partial cancellation of the trip, the person or group of people decides to stay the trip, in this case it must be a credit note to make any kind of excursion when you want. You will be recalculated according to current rates will not refund the money. Each time you make a payment, either by electronic transfer, deposit or other means must email the details of the transaction (name, bank, # transaction, date, payment and especipacar best referred to the operation) Having purchased the tours with us, any questions should be asked by phone or e-mail.


What does our PACKAGES AND LODGING?: Transportation and water. Guide, Indian guides. All meals. All drinks (no alcohol, or snacks) All lodgings.
The lodge in Canaima National Park are provided by the indigenous inhabitants of the Pemón therefore does not possess an electrical infrastructure as strong as the rest of the country and ba are power plants, are limited to providing additional services such as Hot Water, Air Conditioning) No Hot Water / Air Conditioning / TV, clean, comfortable and generally with a great view, plus air conditioning is not needed since these are Located at an altitude above 900 meters from sea level. In some cases the distribution of rooms will not be like the customer preferred. Accommodation in Santa Elena de Uairen first is natural tourist camps and if not available in hotels or inns is that they are consistent with the package: In this case if there is A / A, A / C and TV.
At Santa Elena is only (2) two 4-star hotels that we work and if you prefer you may accomodarse here - if there is availability. If you want to stay in a Hotel or Inn of four stars, you should call for the availability and the readjustment of its package.

WHAT E DO NOT INCLUDE THESE PACKAGES? Not including the night should they one day before the tour contract, nor the night after the end of the tour. For clarity, only the nights are included that are within the schedule. Alcoholic beverages.

If within 24 hrs prior to departure of the tour enter new tourists to the group beyond what was agreed between the parties, the company reserves the right to be adding new tourists. As well as ensuring that whoever tourists who want to join the group and is outside the range of 24 Hrs prior to departure of the tour, we recalculate the Commission´s price chart above written.


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Tour Average Rating: 8.9 - Total Votes: 14

Value for money
This reviewer told us :

After writing several reviews of the best in Venezuela I stopped for a moment and told me .... I never related my visit to the La Gran Sabana and Angel Falls .... Well now I take the time to do it .... Venezuela is a great country and yet virgin is yet to me geographically, the country with more variety of mountain landscapes, river, beaches ... Incredible for many, unknown to many Venezuelans, in La Gran Sabana can enjoy full path extraordinary waterfalls, rivers a plain vegetable incomparable - The lost World tour later on was even better


Well made tour thanks to Frank Diaz




This reviewer told us :

tomamos 3 avionetas para llegar desde CCS, llegamos y nos atendieron de maravilla, fuimos a todos los sitios, alucinantes, increible, no hay palabras, pasamos la noche y había luna llena y fue lo mejor, el amanecer!, la luna ocultandose tras el tepuy mientras del otro lado salía el sol e iluminaba todo ... unos colores indescriptibles e increibles, vale la pena quedarse una noche sólo por ver el amanecer...




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