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The fauna and flora of Venezuela's abundant and diverse, as a result of differences landscape, climate and topography of the Gran Sabana. In the mountains of this area can be found plant species such as cedars, trees lumberjacks, several copies of palms and orchids. In the south there are trees up to 40 meters high. The states of Apure and Barinas, located southwest and west of Venezuela, respectively, are rich in species such as linnet, the rack, mahogany and vera. In the plains and grasslands predominate moriche palms along the course of the water.

These plant species coexist with different animals from the tropics. Specimens as ant and spectacled bears, jaguars, pumas, brocket, the capybara, tapir, otter, otter, apes. The anaconda, boa or rattlesnake. Fotos!

Flora Fauna Venezuela

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Henrik Bratfeldt
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