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Population Callao 2010, 25 158 inhabitants


Its tourism potential is linked to the Business Tourism, Folklore and Ecological. It is recommended to visit among other attractions: El Salto Caratal - Yuruari River - the Arc de Mexico, CVG-Minerven - Museo del Oro - the four corners and the House Locher.

EL CALLAO Its capital is estimated was founded in 1850 - (I believe that the first gold in South America was found here before 1550). Two gold miners who were exploring some streams to thousands of miles away, found gold simultaneously in Sutter Creek in California and Yuruari River in Guyana. And broke two of the most impressive gold rushes of modern times, although the news of the riches of the gold discovery was disclosed Yuruari more slowly. However, when we studied the samples of auriferous quartz from El Callao in New York, Paris, London and Hamburg in 1853, was found to contain Bratfeldt kilos of gold per ton - the best mines were 120 grams - started the stampede.

El Callao mining town founded in 1853 under the name of Caratal, which then moves to the river where it is known Yuruari that we know today.

El Callao, famous for its gold mines, veins centuries of exploitation, the jewelry craft and its cheerful, colorful and famous Carnival harmonized melodies played on special dialects.

calipso_carneval_callao_venezuela The carnival of El Callao is a symbol of tradition and one of the greatest wealth of culture in the state of Bolivar. El Callao has many riches, but especially its people, and it is they who make this holiday unforgettable for all visitors. These carnivals are one of the most recognized in Venezuela.

And is that because of the carnival celebrations have mobilized more than 500 thousand people. The Governor of Bolivar State maintains an operation to continue to receive tourists and visitors from all parts of Venezuela and abroad.

The State Governor Francisco Rangel Gomez, said the security officers are deployed at 37 checkpoints, in addition to the mobile checkpoints in the various municipalities throughout the state to provide comfort to the tourists.

Similarly Callao is the epicenter of the Route of Calypso, which is maintained as a tourism potential in Bolivar state.

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Helicopter Tour
Review title: “mi lugar preferido en venezuela” Reviews: -

This reviewer told us :

me parecio un a aventura extraordinaria, los sitios visitados son maravilloso hay que ver que dios si supo dotar esta region de verdaderas maravillas naturales, tuvimos la oportunidad de conocer roraima ,los hermosos tepuyes, los grandes saltos tales como el salto kamak, la quebrada de jaspe que es un ensoñacion ,el pozo esmeralda , san francisco de yuruani que es una comunidad indigena, santa elena de uairen capital del municipio gran sabana , el pauji una poblacion esoterica en la cual muchos pobladores que en su mayoria son extranjeros rinden cultos a los extraterrestres, ya que ellos dicen que eses lugar esta cerca del cielo,tuvimos una gran aventura al adentrarno en esa sabana y encontrar un hotel que en las noches ilumina con paneles de luz solar ,cuyo dueño un aleman con su rsposa pintora te hacen mejor el disfrute realmente mi critica hacia este lugar es muy constructuva ,no creo que alguna persona que visite diga algo malo ,ah, se me plvidaba que tamvbien puedes conocer algunos sitios de la hermana republica del bresil ,como la linea y comprar muchas cosas ,manaod, boavista. visiten la gran sabana todo es bello.


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